My today’s activity Morning walk

Today I wake up in the morning 5.30 am and went for a morning walk with my mom and dad. Dad was walking very fast and I was running behind him to catch. Mom was jogging in the park and I was sit there in the park while I feel tired.

In the morning the weather was so cool. So I wear my jacket which also have hood. If I feel cold so I can cover my head by the hood. It was a very good morning and I feel fresh and happy.

Later when we return to home me and dad had a running competition. But my dad won the race. He ran so fast. I will try to defeat him tomorrow in the running competition.

After back to home I played game on and then I brush my teeth and I have taken bath. Then I ready to go to school and I eat orange cake in short break. I didn’t finish my lunch because I didn’t like vegetables. I like pizza and burger. But my dad is now allowing taking pizza and burger into school lunch.

Today there was talent search examination and I did it well.

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