“Monkey Go Happy” the ultimate game

Today I played Game “Monkey Go Happy” at my school website. Here the main objective of the game is I have to complete the task in each level, and I am enjoying completing each level. I am very happy to see when Monkey go happy.

Level 1 – Cut the Coconut
Here I have to cut the coconut with the help of knife. But first I have to take coconut from tree. And Monkey becomes happy, before that monkey was crying.

Level 2 – Rocket
Here I have to first take stick from match box and then I have to rub it on match box to fire the rocket. When rocket goes into sky, monkey becomes happy.

Level 3 – Duck Shoot
Here I have to first take gun and have to shoot ducks. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 4 – Bowl
Here I have to Bowl and win the game. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 5 – Digital
Here I have to on TV by remote and change the channel, when Cartoon channel come, Money becomes happy.

Level 6 – Money, Teddy Bear, Rabbit
Here first I have to insert a coin from $ bag and then start click on left arrow when it comes to first animal, I have to click on down arrow and crane take it and throw out. All three animals go out, Monkey becomes happy.

Level 7 – Top
Here I have to insert one Gola into Top and fire it from the stick and it should shoot on the board.

Level 8 – Mushroom Collection
Here I have to click on all Mushrooms in the jungle and it goes automatic into Monkey’s basket. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 9 – Picture Puzzle
Here I have to solve Picture puzzle. When puzzle solved Monkey becomes happy.

Level 10 – Automation System
Here I have to create automation system for ball. So when I click on ball it will go to near Monkey’s gift and he will get gift and Monkey becomes happy.

Level 11 – Find Treasure
Here Monkey has three paths, on one path there is a Treasure. When I reach to treasure Monkey becomes happy.

Level 12 – Hitting
Here I have to hit by hammer to the funny faces in all nine holes. When we finish hit in all nine holes Monkey becomes happy.

Level 13 – Map
Here I have to go through map to the pin and I have to burst a balloon and Monkey becomes happy. This is the very difficult level as if I move mouse on the wall of the way, I have to again start the map.

Level 14 – Open the Walt
Here I have to open the walt by enter a correct password. The password hint was there on the wall in Roman letters. I got it and entered correct password and successfully open the walt. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 15 – Christmas tree
Here I have to put tree into pot and decorate it by the given materials like star, lights and ribbon. Monkey becomes happy.

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