Fun in School

First I got TV’s password for Cartoon. So I was very happy and I unlocked Cartoon Channels. So I was very happy.

Today my school celebrated Children’s day. In the prayer principal sir and one madam were dancing nicely. In the class in short break my mother gave me cake and after short break again madam told us to open your short break box again and madam has a cake for us. Maim gave us and it was chocolate cake.

In lunch break all get Munch chocolate after that we do a story narration. Then we played games. So my full day in school was funny day. After fun we caught bus for departure.....
       HARSH RASTOGI;                                                                                                                                                         Look at  the  two  pictures .  You can see a man  and  a  woman.  both  the  words  man and woman are nouns,but a man is a male and  a woman  is  a  female.  we can, therefore.,say that the word man is a male word and  the word  woman is a  female word.