Really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth

    I am little and everybody is ordering me and I have to adhere their orders. If I have to do something then I have to follow many instructions and really I am feeling very scary when I am getting hurt by my elders. I am thinking if I can lie everywhere then I can save myself and I don’t need to complete my task as well. I don’t want to study, I want to play every time with my friends. If my parents are scolding on me, I am getting hurt and I am literally crying and beating to my mom’s stomach.
    I am really getting angry when somebody scolding on me for my nonsense’s. When I am coming from school I am not feeling hungry if I would get Roti and Vegetables but If I would be getting Maggi, Burger, Paneer or Chow-min. But it is not possible everyday that’s what I understand when I am reaching home every day.  
    When I am not having food in days’ time, I am really scared from fever and going to doctor, 2 times I got hospitalize for 4-5 days and Doctor Uncle told me to have vegetables. What can I do If I am not in love with vegetables. When I am eating even burger or pizza I keep vegetables separately and having only bread cheese.
    Now Its winter time, I love to eat onion paratha, aalo paratha and gobhi paratha. My mom is giving me every day paratha in my lunch for my school. I am eating very slowly that’s why I can’t eat my full tiffin in lunch and for this I am getting a big thrash from my parents daily. My father told me not to waste food, It’s from my hard earn money, but really what I can do, If I don’t like to eat food. 
    One day my father took gentlemen promise from me for not to waste food. I promised him, but how I will do this I was scared. Every day my mom would be giving vegetables and I was finishing somehow all vegetables. But one day when I opened my lunch box in school in long break, I don’t like capsicum but that was the day of capsicum and I can’t see even paratha in my tiffin because of capsicum vegetable. Everywhere I can see from my eyes only capsicum and green color everywhere. Even my mind was looking like green capsicum and my ears, face and mouth was also looking like capsicum. Wherever I was looking I can see only capsicums. I was really scared from this capsicum world. I took only 2 bites from the tiffin and throw it in dustbin. When I reached home my mom and dad was really surprised to see my empty lunch box. But I was feeling bad, I thought better I can tell truth to them and I can feel good. I told to my mom and dad what I did with the capsicum vegetable. I was really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth and got love from my mom and dad.
This is the same feeling I can see in Kinley’s advertisement.

I got rise above fear from Height and water

     Fear is not only a word for me this is the one of main thing which I was having since my early childhood. I was thinking how to win over fear, I was having many fear like go on height, I can’t go in water, I can’t go alone outside from my house even to take milk packet from near shop. I was fearing to take some money in pocket, I was putting money in bag, in which I was bringing things from market. I was thinking that somebody can kidnap me from market and I can’t go outside from my home.

    Every evening I was playing games with my friends in the basement of the buildings, there I can’t play power shot in cricket because it was a car parking area. I was having fear from car owners. Even I was having fear to go in a dark room. My main fear is to go on height and that’s one of the key reason not to participate in survival camps. Where they are making many things with height, like they have one rope from second floor and we need to come down by slipping with the support of wall. It was really a game by which I was having fear till inside.
    I went to the Manali where I got good adventurous activities like Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Rope Climb, Rope Bridge over river, net trapping, crawling etc. I was happily started Rope Bridge by which I was having fear, the trainer took me over the tree. It was around 20 ft. above the ground and they secured me with jacket and all the security measures, then they told me to walk on Rope bridge, I tightly holding the net by my hand and walking slowly, when I saw down, I was really enjoying and I was not getting fear from the Rope bridge. Once I completed the Rope Bridge then I have started Burma Bridge, Rope climb and Rope Bridge over river and I did it well. In the first time I did all activities. Now really I am enjoying the activities in which height is playing vital role.
    Now I can go to the roof of the house and I can see down, I don’t have fear to see down. Earlier I can’t go on roof and can’t see down from the roof, whenever I was seeing from the roof I was getting headache and can’t see continuous to down. Earlier I was having fear from many things but now I am a brave boy and took rise above fear. Now I love to go on roof and love to play in the games where height is playing major role.
    I got rise above fear, this is also slogan of Mountain Dew Cold Drink.  
The Dew film over Rise above Fear !