Changing city’s to chase my dream

I have started my studies in Ujjain and my dad moved to Mumbai and then Bangalore. I got admission through internal transfer in school. In Bangalore again I have to make new friends and have to adjust with new neighbors. I love the culture of Bangalore and traditions of South Indians. We were living in a 4 floor building and we have enough space to play cricket and football.
My dad told me that we are now moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon and I will get more friends who speaks Hindi and I will really enjoy the north India. I will get good education as schools are very good and education in school is also very good. I thought I don’t have any choice for not going to Gurgaon. I moved with my dad to Gurgaon and Gurgaon is amazing place for me as it’s not like the name says gaon means village. But its in Delhi NCR and I got many surprises after coming to Gurgaon.
I have just started my new life in Gurgaon and I have been involved in Cricket, Football, Scatting, Karate and Theater. I have got what I wanted from my childhood. I got good coaching for Cricket and Karate. Karate I have started with White belt and now I am pink belt. My coach told me very soon I will be on next level. I am really very happy to get new belt. I am getting good coaching for Cricket and my dad bought for me full cricket kit. I am playing with season ball which is called leather ball.
I got a chance to see theater at Mukthdhara Auditorium and I like the play. Which is performed by Asmita Theater. I have seen around 13 stories in a play and I like the performance given by stage artist. It was so live that I can feel in the environment. Now I can’t see movies I like to go to theater and meet with theater artist. Till now I have seen more than 4 plays in Delhi.
I got good friends here in Gurgaon, with whom I don’t have to speak English I can talk to them in Hindi and it is really very easy for me. I got school in front of my house so I need not to take bus.
I have moved cities to chase my dreams with my dad and I think I have achieved many of them. Even Now a days I am getting good thoughts by playing, by watching theater. I am reading a lot of books as books are available in Hindi and English both. But I can get it very easily. Now a days I have started writing blogs and soon will start a new blog on my homework. So everybody will get help in my class.
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