I am color exper for my mom and dad

My mother is expert in all the things what she do, I am still thinking how she is doing all thing at the best side. How can one can do all things better than others, she is very good cook, when she is cooking something then I can’t wait until it cooks, I am feeling hungry and more hungry by the time cooking completed.
Now mom’s is looking little older as and when she is growing. Her hair is also now a days looking whitish. She asked to my dad that “we should start hair colors”, and they took hair colors same day, but they did same mess and it was a huge pack of hair color, they thought they need full of material and it was a big bang and all colors went waste.
I was playing with my friend at his home, and her mother was also having some white color hair, and she was using some single use sheshe, I asked to Aunty – what’s that?, is that hair color, and what kind of color it is? Aunty said – Yes dear son, its single use color packet by Godrej.
I was happy to provide advice to my parents and I ran faster to my home as I have to advice for color to my mom, as I reached home, I told mom I got the solution of your problem. Now you can buy this hair color and you don’t have to mess with it. This is just for one time use. It will help you a lot.
My mom was very happy to listen and she took me to the market and bought the hair color. Now she is always using this single color pack for her hair. So no worries for my parents now. I am hair color expert for my mom and dad.

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