Now I understand #Immunity4Growth

Horlicks Blogger Meet
Horlicks Blogger Meet

8th May was a great day for me as I am blogging from last 6 years but this is my first blogger meet. My blogger dad told me let’s go to this blogger meet, you will get good information. It was “The Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger Meet” at Vivanta by Taj at MG Road. Really after this meet I can say “Now I understand #Immunity4Growth.

I was surprise to see lot of bloggers and many of them were having kids as well. It was Mother’s day and I also have proud on that day we have not ask mummy to cook at home. We have given her surprise dinner party. Many uncles shared the moments that they are caring from morning their kids as they wanted to celebrate Mother’s day. Many mothers are also having the same experience that they were not allowing to do any work at home since morning as its Mother’s Day.

My Blogger Dad has introduced me to the indiblogger team as “My little blogger”. I was happy that I am also a registered indiblogger and attending the blogger meet as blogger.

When we reach to the venue, blogger just started to go inside and as welcome serving was Mango Juice with Horlicks and Tea, Coffee. I took Mango Juice and had a seat. On the table toffees was available, that was my time pass for the whole time. (Thanks indiblogger team for toffees).

Blogger meet starts with an Introduction session and many blogger shared their experiences on Mother’s day. Some were really emotional. Dr. Jill Castle started the meeting with the agenda of Nutrition for the children. As Experts agree that children need to be strong inside so that they can grow well outside. Dr. Jill has suggested many points about deficiency of nutrition, subject of immunity and implication on growth in India.

I heard earlier only about nutrients but now I got to know about Importance of micro-nutrient. In the new product of Horlicks launched with all 7 micro-nutrients, which gives 100% imm

unity to the children. One can learn more about Horlicks on and can measure child’s micro nutrient consumption. For More information and get information one can give miss call on 8000980009.

IMRB Survey Results shows that 30% of children miss school for more than 5 days due to illness. But really I think this survey is wrong my attendance was 100% last year. Some of the key findings from the survey –

  • 85% mothers claim that frequent colds are signs of low immunity.
  • 82% mothers feel that weak immunity has repercussions on a child in a long term.
  • 85% mothers believe that low immunity hinders growth and development.
  • Majority 77% of the mothers feel that their child’s immunity is higher or at par compared to their peers.
  • 13% of children have missed an exam due to illness.
  • Majority 59% of the working mothers have missed at least one day of work due to child’s illness.
  • 30% mothers take their child for doctor visit at least once a month.
  • Mothers claim their child falls sick for 4 times a year and for 11 days a year on an average.

But really I am happy that I am not the part of this survey as anyone is not fit on me, still I am 11 Year old and till 12 Year children’s fighting with immunity. After waking up in the morning first thing to do is within 1st hour we should have some good breakfast along with Milk. If milk is posturized then need not to boil it, directly one can drink.

Horlicks session has concluded with the forum discussion and Q&A. The most interesting part of the meet was Quiz session, we have spent almost 2 hours with Horlicks team and now it is the time to taste our knowledge and each table was a team and asked 7 questions in which unfortunately our team has 2 wrong answers. Sumptuous dinner was served and finished the blogger meet. I can’t forgot the goodies which has 2 pack of Horlicks.

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