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How to draw a 3d figure

Steps to draw
1)    Take an A4 size sheet
2)    Draw a figure or you can trace your hand on the paper
3)    Then draw horizontal lines towards the figure and leave the inside portion of the figure
4)    Draw curved lines to top in the figure Then colour it
Your 3d figure is ready
If you draw curved lines to down inside the figure it will look like the figure is going inside the paper

do it and absorbe the magic

My passion

I think you know the meaning of passion.

Passion means a specific thing which you like it can be games, reading, books, learning and etc.
Even I have a passion of basketball.

Basketball is actually a nice game helps you get taller and fit helps to increase your running skills and aiming skills helps you get stronger.

Basketball is quite easy, In the starting I don’t know how to dribble the ball.

Now I can dribble shoot tackle escape fake and pass it correctly.

I just want to be the best player and I know when I will tackle sir and the best players in my coaching.

I will still not became the best player because it can be a fluke I need to practice a lot till I am  selected for coaching league matches and go at an higher stage.

It’s true for achieving something in life we need to do a lot of hard work.

I want to be like lebron James 

Noodle Coco Kheer – My Favorite Sugar Free Dessert

Noodle is my favorite, I usually don’t ask my parents to cook Noodle as I can cook myself in microwave oven and it’s very safe. I have done many experiments on Noodle in which I can tell you the one which I like most as dessert. 
For this dessert you need following ingredients –
1 Packet Noodle
1 Glass Milk
2 Spoon Coco Powder
4 Sugarfree Natura
 Few raisin
Take Noodle in one Glass bowl and put 1 glass water in it and microwave it for 10 minutes without putting masala, once it boiled don’t take the pot outside until it’s not too hot, or take your parents help to get this pot out from Microwave Oven. Wash noodles in cold water and put side for 10 min. Mix the Milk, coco powder and 4 sugarfree natura with noodles. Put the bowl in freeze for at least 2 Hours.
Your Noodle Coco Kheer Dessert is ready with Sugarfree Natura.

Australia case studies

the aborigines was the first native inhabitants .aborigines migrated from Australia to Indonesia islands about 40,000  years ago at that time sea level was low and there was a continuous land bridge between Australia and Indonesia islands. After that, sea level rose and this disrupted the links between the two continents.
How the aborigines look
1.     An aborigines is chocolate coloured
2.     They are of medium height
3.     Usually with wavy or curled black hair
4.     They have a low forehead
5.     With heavy eyebrow ridges
Tools weapons and crafts of aborigines
1.     They made axes, knives, chisels, etc.
2.     From wood they made spears, clubs, dishes and musical instrument called didgeridoo
3.     They also developed boomerang a kind of weapon. If the boomerang fails to hit an animal it glides back to the thrower.
4.     Women’s use  spears to hunt small animals for example: fishes, snakes and rats
Geographical requirements for the cultivation of sugar cane
1.     Sugarcane is a tropical plant. It requires high temperature between 20oc to 30oc
2.      It needs a long growing frost free season of 8 to 12 months.
3.     It requires a heavy average rainfall (a minimum of 120 cm. unless irrigated).
4.     It needs a drier winter season (but not complete drought) for ripening and harvesting.
5.     Well drained fertile alluvial or volcanic soils are suitable for sugarcane cultivation.
6.     Abundant labour or provision of mechanisation and good transport facilities are its other requirements.
Exportation of sugar: Queen’s land exports about 80 to 85
Per cent of its total sugar production. Main markets for Australia sugar are Korea (23%), Indonesia (11%), japan (10%), Middle East (8%), Malaysia (10%), North America, china and New Zealand.
Fascinating fact

Sardar rajinder singh is an Australian citizen of India origin. He owns a family sugarcane farm in tableland Queensland. He grows 70,000 tonnes of sugarcane annually. He is the director of tableland cane growers +and director of cane growers in Queensland. He is experimenting with sugar cultivation to increases the yield and improve the quality. He is keen on the development of ethanol biodiesel from sugarcane 

My birthday

The starting of the day was as usual but when I awaked the first three word was happy birth day.

My father wished me then when went to my mother also spooked the same happy birth day.

I was just shifted Bangalore again from Gurgaon then after some time my relatives phone came starting I was being ready for school and while I was talking with them all then   I went to school  I got a card from the school my father buyed me mazelo toffees.
When I went to my class everyone started whishing me happy birthday the time went so quickly the   lunch break came I got my favourite alloo ka paratha I ate it and gave the toffees to my class and took my best friends to give the toffees to other class teachers and my old friends then the departure came my mother buyed me a chicken roll and a corn crispers then we both went to the home.
The day was the same boring as usual. Till my father came I spended time with him then in dinner my father ordered pizza from pizza hut after eating that my father went down and bought a cycle it was decathlon B-TWIN I looked it and I was shocked I started crying my mother told me why are you crying.

I said mummy and daddy I didn’t know that this is my gift even I didn’t know that also they will celebrate my birth day.         

I am color exper for my mom and dad

My mother is expert in all the things what she do, I am still thinking how she is doing all thing at the best side. How can one can do all things better than others, she is very good cook, when she is cooking something then I can’t wait until it cooks, I am feeling hungry and more hungry by the time cooking completed.
Now mom’s is looking little older as and when she is growing. Her hair is also now a days looking whitish. She asked to my dad that “we should start hair colors”, and they took hair colors same day, but they did same mess and it was a huge pack of hair color, they thought they need full of material and it was a big bang and all colors went waste.
I was playing with my friend at his home, and her mother was also having some white color hair, and she was using some single use sheshe, I asked to Aunty – what’s that?, is that hair color, and what kind of color it is? Aunty said – Yes dear son, its single use color packet by Godrej.
I was happy to provide advice to my parents and I ran faster to my home as I have to advice for color to my mom, as I reached home, I told mom I got the solution of your problem. Now you can buy this hair color and you don’t have to mess with it. This is just for one time use. It will help you a lot.
My mom was very happy to listen and she took me to the market and bought the hair color. Now she is always using this single color pack for her hair. So no worries for my parents now. I am hair color expert for my mom and dad.

To Convience my dad Asus ZenFone 2 is enough

I am using smartphone of my dad and mom from last 3 years. I like smartphone because of games but really I am getting upset when smartphone is hangs in between the game or not behaving properly. That time I thought better to through this smartphone and take something good. Even after that I got one tablet but still I was facing hardware and software issues. I am really frustrated with the running speed of smartphones and tablets. I told many times to my dad give me some good phone for games, but he is telling me every time that the phone is not for playing / gaming. Mobile is always for Text and Calls. Until and unless you will not have to make a call or send text I should not use mobile. That’s the learning from my Dad.
Still I am playing on my mom’s mobile and the mobile is very slow and as and when I am downloading games, my dad removing all games from the mobile and again I have to download and then again I need to play all levels of games, which I already completed before uninstallation by my dad. Now I am frustrated with the mom’s smartphone as well. I can’t download big games and even if I download this I can’t play. Mobile heats up and automatic shutting down.
Camera is also not with good quality. I need good camera quality to make my own home news. I am making good news for my home like a news anchor is delivering on news channel. I need a good smartphone which is having a good processor, good and big ram and big storage area. It should not hang, it should give me high performance.
I was discovering the mobile and I got to know that Asus Zenfone 2 is the worlds first mobile which is having 4 GB RAM. Unbelievable!! Now I can play big games and it will not hang. The following are the 5 good things for Asus Zenfone 2 by which I will convince to my dad – 
  1. It has 2.3 GHz processor, so It will have fast processing speed, I can play big games without any hassle.
  2. It has Good battery charging, normally smartphones are taking more than 2 hours for charging but Asus Zenfone 2 is taking only 39 minutes to charge 60% of battery. Its wow factor.
  3. I can take good photos in night with 400% more clarity without flash. It will help to get real pictures in night or in evening.
  4. Asus Zenfone 2 is having 4 GB ram and it will boost my gaming experience.
  5. It has good Rear camera of 13 Mega Pixel and Front camera with 5 Mega Pixel.
I think these 5 reasons are more than sufficient to buy Asus Zenphone 2 for my dad for me.

Memorable day of my life with my family

I find togetherness is good for life. It makes life easy and friendly. I have many experience on #together with my family with my friends with uncle or with aunty as well. Alone anyone can tough and really its tough time of life, when nobody around us, we have to found somebody who can talk to us, with whom we can share our thoughts and we can make some happiness and enjoy some time or moments. It gives energy to work and anyone cannot denied this as energy is one of the most important thing which is required to run day to day activities. Either it’s going to school or going to office or work for home or work for life, whatever.
I have many instances where I enjoyed with my family together. I had last year vacation with my parents, grandparents and mama. We have started our journey from dholpur to jammu by train and my father has joined us from delhi, he came from Bangalore and we have visited Vaishno Devi and Patnitop for summer vacations.
We were in patnitop after darshan from Vaishno Devi and it was the memorable day for me. We have started for garden near to hotel. I can see the Himalaya and the snow on the peak, my father was singing song “Neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyar pale” and I was really enjoying by repeating the song. It was a different experience for me and we hug each other and were enjoying that morning. Sun raise were shining on the peak of Himalayas and I was wondering by seeing the ultimate natural seen, it is happening in-front of mine eyes. I was feeling cool waves on my face and enjoying this moment of my life together with my father.
Then we reached to garden and I was really astonished by seeing the garden. It was a grand garden where lot of people were playing and some sales man were selling different items, I have been shoot in pahadi dress with my grandparents by photographer. I have taken horse ride. My mother and father given support to me when I was doing horse riding. 
Near to bench at garden we have been taken rest and have full enjoyment by running and I was playing ball with my mama, father and mother. We had a photo shoot session in between, and I had lot’s of photo in the camera. My parents and grandparents has cared me like anything from the cold. Only one bad thing is they didn’t allowed me to drink cold drink. I like cold drink with dinner at hotel. The taste of food was ultimate, actually my father told me it’s kashmeer special food. We had tried many food items and enjoyed a lot in patnitop.
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Changing city’s to chase my dream

I have started my studies in Ujjain and my dad moved to Mumbai and then Bangalore. I got admission through internal transfer in school. In Bangalore again I have to make new friends and have to adjust with new neighbors. I love the culture of Bangalore and traditions of South Indians. We were living in a 4 floor building and we have enough space to play cricket and football.
My dad told me that we are now moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon and I will get more friends who speaks Hindi and I will really enjoy the north India. I will get good education as schools are very good and education in school is also very good. I thought I don’t have any choice for not going to Gurgaon. I moved with my dad to Gurgaon and Gurgaon is amazing place for me as it’s not like the name says gaon means village. But its in Delhi NCR and I got many surprises after coming to Gurgaon.
I have just started my new life in Gurgaon and I have been involved in Cricket, Football, Scatting, Karate and Theater. I have got what I wanted from my childhood. I got good coaching for Cricket and Karate. Karate I have started with White belt and now I am pink belt. My coach told me very soon I will be on next level. I am really very happy to get new belt. I am getting good coaching for Cricket and my dad bought for me full cricket kit. I am playing with season ball which is called leather ball.
I got a chance to see theater at Mukthdhara Auditorium and I like the play. Which is performed by Asmita Theater. I have seen around 13 stories in a play and I like the performance given by stage artist. It was so live that I can feel in the environment. Now I can’t see movies I like to go to theater and meet with theater artist. Till now I have seen more than 4 plays in Delhi.
I got good friends here in Gurgaon, with whom I don’t have to speak English I can talk to them in Hindi and it is really very easy for me. I got school in front of my house so I need not to take bus.
I have moved cities to chase my dreams with my dad and I think I have achieved many of them. Even Now a days I am getting good thoughts by playing, by watching theater. I am reading a lot of books as books are available in Hindi and English both. But I can get it very easily. Now a days I have started writing blogs and soon will start a new blog on my homework. So everybody will get help in my class.
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A week alone for me but happy to return back to home

I am optimistic towards life, targeting goals and to achieve them. Home is something very important for me, I can feel very much secure at home with my parents. Nobody can touch me at my home, my mom and dad always love me even I am very naughty. My Mom and Dad are shield for me for all wrong things from the outside world. Still I am ten year old and I didn’t get chance to live myself alone as I am kid and I can’t live without my parents, not live means I can’t think as well over it.
But last year I have decided, my mom and dad supported me for my future. I have cracked one of the entrance exam for a top boarding school in India. And they have one condition before admission I have to stay in their premises for a week long with them and I have to follow all rules followed by them. I need to follow all rituals what they were doing. I made myself very hard and it is really very difficult for me to live alone. They have not given permission to my mom and dad to stay with me, even not in the premises. Parents can stay there but they can’t meet with the kid.
I was very happy there, as I got many friends from many states of India and I can play with them even when I am in room and my parents were not there to scold me. We can make laugh together, we can make fight together, we can play together. Our supervisor was making us happy and I was not having food because of laziness but my supervisor was very strict and he was forcing me to have my food. Until and unless I were not having food, he was not allowing me to leave the canteen. My supervisor was too strict, at that time I was really remembering my Mom and Dad, if my Mom and Dad were there and I say to them I didn’t like this food surely they have been told me, “That’s OK, You can have something else!!”, really I have been missed my Mom and Dad at this point of time.
First day of that boarding school was very good but when evening came, many kids started crying, they wanted to go back to home and live with their parents.  Even I was feeling the same and I also cried with them. I called to my parents with the help of supervisor mobile and I was really crying over phone and asked them to take me out but my father gave me a boost over mobile and he told me nice words and inspiration to complete the period and he told me its only 1 week and this is your first day of the life without us, So stay and keep calm.
When I was thinking to go back to home, I was remembering all my naughtiness which I was doing at my home but still my Mom and Dad gave me hug and love. I was thinking that when I will reach back to home, now I will be getting more surprises as what I did was very difficult and very few people can do this. I was very happy to go back as I will see my parent’s eyes and smiles, which will be coming to their face when I will reach to them.
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