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Tata Hexa a mesmerizing experience

Experiencing Tata Hexa was mesmerizing experience of my childhood. I am dreaming only to the big vehicle in my life, and when I reached the Experience Center of Tata Hexa, I was just wondering to see the Tata Hexa. The Big SUV Car with 2.2 L Engine, the stunning look of the SUV given by the creators of the Tata Hexa is amazing. I can say I hold very good information on Car’s and SUV’s only the thing is I can’t drive as I am very young to drive the vehicle. I have to wait more 6 years to drive the car’s and SUV’s. Continue reading Tata Hexa a mesmerizing experience

My passion

I think you know the meaning of passion.

Passion means a specific thing which you like it can be games, reading, books, learning and etc.
Even I have a passion of basketball.

Basketball is actually a nice game helps you get taller and fit helps to increase your running skills and aiming skills helps you get stronger.

Basketball is quite easy, In the starting I don’t know how to dribble the ball.

Now I can dribble shoot tackle escape fake and pass it correctly.

I just want to be the best player and I know when I will tackle sir and the best players in my coaching.

I will still not became the best player because it can be a fluke I need to practice a lot till I am  selected for coaching league matches and go at an higher stage.

It’s true for achieving something in life we need to do a lot of hard work.

I want to be like lebron James 

Memorable day of my life with my family

I find togetherness is good for life. It makes life easy and friendly. I have many experience on #together with my family with my friends with uncle or with aunty as well. Alone anyone can tough and really its tough time of life, when nobody around us, we have to found somebody who can talk to us, with whom we can share our thoughts and we can make some happiness and enjoy some time or moments. It gives energy to work and anyone cannot denied this as energy is one of the most important thing which is required to run day to day activities. Either it’s going to school or going to office or work for home or work for life, whatever.
I have many instances where I enjoyed with my family together. I had last year vacation with my parents, grandparents and mama. We have started our journey from dholpur to jammu by train and my father has joined us from delhi, he came from Bangalore and we have visited Vaishno Devi and Patnitop for summer vacations.
We were in patnitop after darshan from Vaishno Devi and it was the memorable day for me. We have started for garden near to hotel. I can see the Himalaya and the snow on the peak, my father was singing song “Neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyar pale” and I was really enjoying by repeating the song. It was a different experience for me and we hug each other and were enjoying that morning. Sun raise were shining on the peak of Himalayas and I was wondering by seeing the ultimate natural seen, it is happening in-front of mine eyes. I was feeling cool waves on my face and enjoying this moment of my life together with my father.
Then we reached to garden and I was really astonished by seeing the garden. It was a grand garden where lot of people were playing and some sales man were selling different items, I have been shoot in pahadi dress with my grandparents by photographer. I have taken horse ride. My mother and father given support to me when I was doing horse riding. 
Near to bench at garden we have been taken rest and have full enjoyment by running and I was playing ball with my mama, father and mother. We had a photo shoot session in between, and I had lot’s of photo in the camera. My parents and grandparents has cared me like anything from the cold. Only one bad thing is they didn’t allowed me to drink cold drink. I like cold drink with dinner at hotel. The taste of food was ultimate, actually my father told me it’s kashmeer special food. We had tried many food items and enjoyed a lot in patnitop.
#together is was a nice and memorable experience of my life. This post is written for