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My birthday

The starting of the day was as usual but when I awaked the first three word was happy birth day.

My father wished me then when went to my mother also spooked the same happy birth day.

I was just shifted Bangalore again from Gurgaon then after some time my relatives phone came starting I was being ready for school and while I was talking with them all then   I went to school  I got a card from the school my father buyed me mazelo toffees.
When I went to my class everyone started whishing me happy birthday the time went so quickly the   lunch break came I got my favourite alloo ka paratha I ate it and gave the toffees to my class and took my best friends to give the toffees to other class teachers and my old friends then the departure came my mother buyed me a chicken roll and a corn crispers then we both went to the home.
The day was the same boring as usual. Till my father came I spended time with him then in dinner my father ordered pizza from pizza hut after eating that my father went down and bought a cycle it was decathlon B-TWIN I looked it and I was shocked I started crying my mother told me why are you crying.

I said mummy and daddy I didn’t know that this is my gift even I didn’t know that also they will celebrate my birth day.