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Noodle Coco Kheer – My Favorite Sugar Free Dessert

Noodle is my favorite, I usually don’t ask my parents to cook Noodle as I can cook myself in microwave oven and it’s very safe. I have done many experiments on Noodle in which I can tell you the one which I like most as dessert. 
For this dessert you need following ingredients –
1 Packet Noodle
1 Glass Milk
2 Spoon Coco Powder
4 Sugarfree Natura
 Few raisin
Take Noodle in one Glass bowl and put 1 glass water in it and microwave it for 10 minutes without putting masala, once it boiled don’t take the pot outside until it’s not too hot, or take your parents help to get this pot out from Microwave Oven. Wash noodles in cold water and put side for 10 min. Mix the Milk, coco powder and 4 sugarfree natura with noodles. Put the bowl in freeze for at least 2 Hours.
Your Noodle Coco Kheer Dessert is ready with Sugarfree Natura.