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I am color exper for my mom and dad

My mother is expert in all the things what she do, I am still thinking how she is doing all thing at the best side. How can one can do all things better than others, she is very good cook, when she is cooking something then I can’t wait until it cooks, I am feeling hungry and more hungry by the time cooking completed.
Now mom’s is looking little older as and when she is growing. Her hair is also now a days looking whitish. She asked to my dad that “we should start hair colors”, and they took hair colors same day, but they did same mess and it was a huge pack of hair color, they thought they need full of material and it was a big bang and all colors went waste.
I was playing with my friend at his home, and her mother was also having some white color hair, and she was using some single use sheshe, I asked to Aunty – what’s that?, is that hair color, and what kind of color it is? Aunty said – Yes dear son, its single use color packet by Godrej.
I was happy to provide advice to my parents and I ran faster to my home as I have to advice for color to my mom, as I reached home, I told mom I got the solution of your problem. Now you can buy this hair color and you don’t have to mess with it. This is just for one time use. It will help you a lot.
My mom was very happy to listen and she took me to the market and bought the hair color. Now she is always using this single color pack for her hair. So no worries for my parents now. I am hair color expert for my mom and dad.

To Convience my dad Asus ZenFone 2 is enough

I am using smartphone of my dad and mom from last 3 years. I like smartphone because of games but really I am getting upset when smartphone is hangs in between the game or not behaving properly. That time I thought better to through this smartphone and take something good. Even after that I got one tablet but still I was facing hardware and software issues. I am really frustrated with the running speed of smartphones and tablets. I told many times to my dad give me some good phone for games, but he is telling me every time that the phone is not for playing / gaming. Mobile is always for Text and Calls. Until and unless you will not have to make a call or send text I should not use mobile. That’s the learning from my Dad.
Still I am playing on my mom’s mobile and the mobile is very slow and as and when I am downloading games, my dad removing all games from the mobile and again I have to download and then again I need to play all levels of games, which I already completed before uninstallation by my dad. Now I am frustrated with the mom’s smartphone as well. I can’t download big games and even if I download this I can’t play. Mobile heats up and automatic shutting down.
Camera is also not with good quality. I need good camera quality to make my own home news. I am making good news for my home like a news anchor is delivering on news channel. I need a good smartphone which is having a good processor, good and big ram and big storage area. It should not hang, it should give me high performance.
I was discovering the mobile and I got to know that Asus Zenfone 2 is the worlds first mobile which is having 4 GB RAM. Unbelievable!! Now I can play big games and it will not hang. The following are the 5 good things for Asus Zenfone 2 by which I will convince to my dad – 
  1. It has 2.3 GHz processor, so It will have fast processing speed, I can play big games without any hassle.
  2. It has Good battery charging, normally smartphones are taking more than 2 hours for charging but Asus Zenfone 2 is taking only 39 minutes to charge 60% of battery. Its wow factor.
  3. I can take good photos in night with 400% more clarity without flash. It will help to get real pictures in night or in evening.
  4. Asus Zenfone 2 is having 4 GB ram and it will boost my gaming experience.
  5. It has good Rear camera of 13 Mega Pixel and Front camera with 5 Mega Pixel.
I think these 5 reasons are more than sufficient to buy Asus Zenphone 2 for my dad for me.

Changing city’s to chase my dream

I have started my studies in Ujjain and my dad moved to Mumbai and then Bangalore. I got admission through internal transfer in school. In Bangalore again I have to make new friends and have to adjust with new neighbors. I love the culture of Bangalore and traditions of South Indians. We were living in a 4 floor building and we have enough space to play cricket and football.
My dad told me that we are now moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon and I will get more friends who speaks Hindi and I will really enjoy the north India. I will get good education as schools are very good and education in school is also very good. I thought I don’t have any choice for not going to Gurgaon. I moved with my dad to Gurgaon and Gurgaon is amazing place for me as it’s not like the name says gaon means village. But its in Delhi NCR and I got many surprises after coming to Gurgaon.
I have just started my new life in Gurgaon and I have been involved in Cricket, Football, Scatting, Karate and Theater. I have got what I wanted from my childhood. I got good coaching for Cricket and Karate. Karate I have started with White belt and now I am pink belt. My coach told me very soon I will be on next level. I am really very happy to get new belt. I am getting good coaching for Cricket and my dad bought for me full cricket kit. I am playing with season ball which is called leather ball.
I got a chance to see theater at Mukthdhara Auditorium and I like the play. Which is performed by Asmita Theater. I have seen around 13 stories in a play and I like the performance given by stage artist. It was so live that I can feel in the environment. Now I can’t see movies I like to go to theater and meet with theater artist. Till now I have seen more than 4 plays in Delhi.
I got good friends here in Gurgaon, with whom I don’t have to speak English I can talk to them in Hindi and it is really very easy for me. I got school in front of my house so I need not to take bus.
I have moved cities to chase my dreams with my dad and I think I have achieved many of them. Even Now a days I am getting good thoughts by playing, by watching theater. I am reading a lot of books as books are available in Hindi and English both. But I can get it very easily. Now a days I have started writing blogs and soon will start a new blog on my homework. So everybody will get help in my class.
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Really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth

    I am little and everybody is ordering me and I have to adhere their orders. If I have to do something then I have to follow many instructions and really I am feeling very scary when I am getting hurt by my elders. I am thinking if I can lie everywhere then I can save myself and I don’t need to complete my task as well. I don’t want to study, I want to play every time with my friends. If my parents are scolding on me, I am getting hurt and I am literally crying and beating to my mom’s stomach.
    I am really getting angry when somebody scolding on me for my nonsense’s. When I am coming from school I am not feeling hungry if I would get Roti and Vegetables but If I would be getting Maggi, Burger, Paneer or Chow-min. But it is not possible everyday that’s what I understand when I am reaching home every day.  
    When I am not having food in days’ time, I am really scared from fever and going to doctor, 2 times I got hospitalize for 4-5 days and Doctor Uncle told me to have vegetables. What can I do If I am not in love with vegetables. When I am eating even burger or pizza I keep vegetables separately and having only bread cheese.
    Now Its winter time, I love to eat onion paratha, aalo paratha and gobhi paratha. My mom is giving me every day paratha in my lunch for my school. I am eating very slowly that’s why I can’t eat my full tiffin in lunch and for this I am getting a big thrash from my parents daily. My father told me not to waste food, It’s from my hard earn money, but really what I can do, If I don’t like to eat food. 
    One day my father took gentlemen promise from me for not to waste food. I promised him, but how I will do this I was scared. Every day my mom would be giving vegetables and I was finishing somehow all vegetables. But one day when I opened my lunch box in school in long break, I don’t like capsicum but that was the day of capsicum and I can’t see even paratha in my tiffin because of capsicum vegetable. Everywhere I can see from my eyes only capsicum and green color everywhere. Even my mind was looking like green capsicum and my ears, face and mouth was also looking like capsicum. Wherever I was looking I can see only capsicums. I was really scared from this capsicum world. I took only 2 bites from the tiffin and throw it in dustbin. When I reached home my mom and dad was really surprised to see my empty lunch box. But I was feeling bad, I thought better I can tell truth to them and I can feel good. I told to my mom and dad what I did with the capsicum vegetable. I was really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth and got love from my mom and dad.
This is the same feeling I can see in Kinley’s advertisement.

Fun in School

First I got TV’s password for Cartoon. So I was very happy and I unlocked Cartoon Channels. So I was very happy.

Today my school celebrated Children’s day. In the prayer principal sir and one madam were dancing nicely. In the class in short break my mother gave me cake and after short break again madam told us to open your short break box again and madam has a cake for us. Maim gave us and it was chocolate cake.

In lunch break all get Munch chocolate after that we do a story narration. Then we played games. So my full day in school was funny day. After fun we caught bus for departure.....
       HARSH RASTOGI;                                                                                                                                                         Look at  the  two  pictures .  You can see a man  and  a  woman.  both  the  words  man and woman are nouns,but a man is a male and  a woman  is  a  female.  we can, therefore.,say that the word man is a male word and  the word  woman is a  female word.


Angry Bird and Mario

    Angry Bird is my favorite game and the characters of angry birds and they joined Mario. Red Angry bird think “I should dash the question mark [?], then I will get power of Mario”, and Bomb Angry Bird get that power and he will become small Bomb Angry Bird to Big. Then he will go to Dash the point and the pigs get busted.
Just see this video, I like this – 

My schools Halloween Party and my Halloween Costume

I have fancy dress party on 31st Oct. 2011. The theme is Halloween, so I have to wear Halloween Mask and Dress. I will wear a dangerous dress; all will see and scared with my dress. As I am wearing skeleton ghost dress. My Halloween outfit will be ready at home only.
I will take a black T-Shirt full sleeve, a black paint, black socks black shoes. Then I will take white paint and brush and make the bones over the dress. I will wear a black mask and I will paint mouth bones.
But in real life I am very much scary from ghosts. Now I thought that I will not be scare with ghosts. So I will become a brave boy and will never scare with ghosts.