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“Monkey Go Happy” the ultimate game

Today I played Game “Monkey Go Happy” at my school website. Here the main objective of the game is I have to complete the task in each level, and I am enjoying completing each level. I am very happy to see when Monkey go happy.

Level 1 – Cut the Coconut
Here I have to cut the coconut with the help of knife. But first I have to take coconut from tree. And Monkey becomes happy, before that monkey was crying.

Level 2 – Rocket
Here I have to first take stick from match box and then I have to rub it on match box to fire the rocket. When rocket goes into sky, monkey becomes happy.

Level 3 – Duck Shoot
Here I have to first take gun and have to shoot ducks. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 4 – Bowl
Here I have to Bowl and win the game. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 5 – Digital
Here I have to on TV by remote and change the channel, when Cartoon channel come, Money becomes happy.

Level 6 – Money, Teddy Bear, Rabbit
Here first I have to insert a coin from $ bag and then start click on left arrow when it comes to first animal, I have to click on down arrow and crane take it and throw out. All three animals go out, Monkey becomes happy.

Level 7 – Top
Here I have to insert one Gola into Top and fire it from the stick and it should shoot on the board.

Level 8 – Mushroom Collection
Here I have to click on all Mushrooms in the jungle and it goes automatic into Monkey’s basket. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 9 – Picture Puzzle
Here I have to solve Picture puzzle. When puzzle solved Monkey becomes happy.

Level 10 – Automation System
Here I have to create automation system for ball. So when I click on ball it will go to near Monkey’s gift and he will get gift and Monkey becomes happy.

Level 11 – Find Treasure
Here Monkey has three paths, on one path there is a Treasure. When I reach to treasure Monkey becomes happy.

Level 12 – Hitting
Here I have to hit by hammer to the funny faces in all nine holes. When we finish hit in all nine holes Monkey becomes happy.

Level 13 – Map
Here I have to go through map to the pin and I have to burst a balloon and Monkey becomes happy. This is the very difficult level as if I move mouse on the wall of the way, I have to again start the map.

Level 14 – Open the Walt
Here I have to open the walt by enter a correct password. The password hint was there on the wall in Roman letters. I got it and entered correct password and successfully open the walt. Monkey becomes happy.

Level 15 – Christmas tree
Here I have to put tree into pot and decorate it by the given materials like star, lights and ribbon. Monkey becomes happy.

What I learn in Microsoft Word (Topic – Hardware and Software)

A computer system is made up of two things:
1) Hardware                       2) Software

                The computer parts that we can see and touch are called Hardware. Some examples of computer hardware are monitor, keyboard, CPU, mouse, CD, printer, floppy etc.
                You know that a computer cannot work on its own. It needs a set of instruction to be given by you. These instructions make the computer work for us. These are called Software. Some examples of computer software are Notepad, Paint, Microsoft Word etc. these software’s are loaded in the hard disk of the computer.

Today I typed one page of Chapter 4 “Hardware and Software” from my computer book. I typed it in Microsoft Word. Today I learned –
1.       Open Microsoft Word
2.       Save file
3.       Alignment, changed Left align to Justify.
4.       How to select text.
5.       How to change color of font.

My today’s activity Morning walk

Today I wake up in the morning 5.30 am and went for a morning walk with my mom and dad. Dad was walking very fast and I was running behind him to catch. Mom was jogging in the park and I was sit there in the park while I feel tired.

In the morning the weather was so cool. So I wear my jacket which also have hood. If I feel cold so I can cover my head by the hood. It was a very good morning and I feel fresh and happy.

Later when we return to home me and dad had a running competition. But my dad won the race. He ran so fast. I will try to defeat him tomorrow in the running competition.

After back to home I played game on and then I brush my teeth and I have taken bath. Then I ready to go to school and I eat orange cake in short break. I didn’t finish my lunch because I didn’t like vegetables. I like pizza and burger. But my dad is now allowing taking pizza and burger into school lunch.

Today there was talent search examination and I did it well.

My Birthday Shopping

Tomorrow 4 th nov. is my birthday.

Today dady bought lots of things for me. Jeans, Swed Shirt, T Shirt.

I also got surprise gift Red Color “Remote Control Ferari Car”, Red Color “Boxing Kit”.

Today I eat pizza’s, garlic bread, chokolova cake and Coco-cola from Dominos pizza.

I got chocklate packet of Eclairs.

diwali holidays

I   am        having      diwali  holidays      from    1   nov      to      14     nov.,

I    love      crackers  

I   love               chackri,    rocket,   anar,      

I     like        sweets,    chocklate.

I     a m         going     to     ujjain          on        diwali            by       train.