Memorable day of my life with my family

I find togetherness is good for life. It makes life easy and friendly. I have many experience on #together with my family with my friends with uncle or with aunty as well. Alone anyone can tough and really its tough time of life, when nobody around us, we have to found somebody who can talk to us, with whom we can share our thoughts and we can make some happiness and enjoy some time or moments. It gives energy to work and anyone cannot denied this as energy is one of the most important thing which is required to run day to day activities. Either it’s going to school or going to office or work for home or work for life, whatever.
I have many instances where I enjoyed with my family together. I had last year vacation with my parents, grandparents and mama. We have started our journey from dholpur to jammu by train and my father has joined us from delhi, he came from Bangalore and we have visited Vaishno Devi and Patnitop for summer vacations.
We were in patnitop after darshan from Vaishno Devi and it was the memorable day for me. We have started for garden near to hotel. I can see the Himalaya and the snow on the peak, my father was singing song “Neele gagan ke tale, dharti ka pyar pale” and I was really enjoying by repeating the song. It was a different experience for me and we hug each other and were enjoying that morning. Sun raise were shining on the peak of Himalayas and I was wondering by seeing the ultimate natural seen, it is happening in-front of mine eyes. I was feeling cool waves on my face and enjoying this moment of my life together with my father.
Then we reached to garden and I was really astonished by seeing the garden. It was a grand garden where lot of people were playing and some sales man were selling different items, I have been shoot in pahadi dress with my grandparents by photographer. I have taken horse ride. My mother and father given support to me when I was doing horse riding. 
Near to bench at garden we have been taken rest and have full enjoyment by running and I was playing ball with my mama, father and mother. We had a photo shoot session in between, and I had lot’s of photo in the camera. My parents and grandparents has cared me like anything from the cold. Only one bad thing is they didn’t allowed me to drink cold drink. I like cold drink with dinner at hotel. The taste of food was ultimate, actually my father told me it’s kashmeer special food. We had tried many food items and enjoyed a lot in patnitop.
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Changing city’s to chase my dream

I have started my studies in Ujjain and my dad moved to Mumbai and then Bangalore. I got admission through internal transfer in school. In Bangalore again I have to make new friends and have to adjust with new neighbors. I love the culture of Bangalore and traditions of South Indians. We were living in a 4 floor building and we have enough space to play cricket and football.
My dad told me that we are now moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon and I will get more friends who speaks Hindi and I will really enjoy the north India. I will get good education as schools are very good and education in school is also very good. I thought I don’t have any choice for not going to Gurgaon. I moved with my dad to Gurgaon and Gurgaon is amazing place for me as it’s not like the name says gaon means village. But its in Delhi NCR and I got many surprises after coming to Gurgaon.
I have just started my new life in Gurgaon and I have been involved in Cricket, Football, Scatting, Karate and Theater. I have got what I wanted from my childhood. I got good coaching for Cricket and Karate. Karate I have started with White belt and now I am pink belt. My coach told me very soon I will be on next level. I am really very happy to get new belt. I am getting good coaching for Cricket and my dad bought for me full cricket kit. I am playing with season ball which is called leather ball.
I got a chance to see theater at Mukthdhara Auditorium and I like the play. Which is performed by Asmita Theater. I have seen around 13 stories in a play and I like the performance given by stage artist. It was so live that I can feel in the environment. Now I can’t see movies I like to go to theater and meet with theater artist. Till now I have seen more than 4 plays in Delhi.
I got good friends here in Gurgaon, with whom I don’t have to speak English I can talk to them in Hindi and it is really very easy for me. I got school in front of my house so I need not to take bus.
I have moved cities to chase my dreams with my dad and I think I have achieved many of them. Even Now a days I am getting good thoughts by playing, by watching theater. I am reading a lot of books as books are available in Hindi and English both. But I can get it very easily. Now a days I have started writing blogs and soon will start a new blog on my homework. So everybody will get help in my class.
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A week alone for me but happy to return back to home

I am optimistic towards life, targeting goals and to achieve them. Home is something very important for me, I can feel very much secure at home with my parents. Nobody can touch me at my home, my mom and dad always love me even I am very naughty. My Mom and Dad are shield for me for all wrong things from the outside world. Still I am ten year old and I didn’t get chance to live myself alone as I am kid and I can’t live without my parents, not live means I can’t think as well over it.
But last year I have decided, my mom and dad supported me for my future. I have cracked one of the entrance exam for a top boarding school in India. And they have one condition before admission I have to stay in their premises for a week long with them and I have to follow all rules followed by them. I need to follow all rituals what they were doing. I made myself very hard and it is really very difficult for me to live alone. They have not given permission to my mom and dad to stay with me, even not in the premises. Parents can stay there but they can’t meet with the kid.
I was very happy there, as I got many friends from many states of India and I can play with them even when I am in room and my parents were not there to scold me. We can make laugh together, we can make fight together, we can play together. Our supervisor was making us happy and I was not having food because of laziness but my supervisor was very strict and he was forcing me to have my food. Until and unless I were not having food, he was not allowing me to leave the canteen. My supervisor was too strict, at that time I was really remembering my Mom and Dad, if my Mom and Dad were there and I say to them I didn’t like this food surely they have been told me, “That’s OK, You can have something else!!”, really I have been missed my Mom and Dad at this point of time.
First day of that boarding school was very good but when evening came, many kids started crying, they wanted to go back to home and live with their parents.  Even I was feeling the same and I also cried with them. I called to my parents with the help of supervisor mobile and I was really crying over phone and asked them to take me out but my father gave me a boost over mobile and he told me nice words and inspiration to complete the period and he told me its only 1 week and this is your first day of the life without us, So stay and keep calm.
When I was thinking to go back to home, I was remembering all my naughtiness which I was doing at my home but still my Mom and Dad gave me hug and love. I was thinking that when I will reach back to home, now I will be getting more surprises as what I did was very difficult and very few people can do this. I was very happy to go back as I will see my parent’s eyes and smiles, which will be coming to their face when I will reach to them.
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Really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth

    I am little and everybody is ordering me and I have to adhere their orders. If I have to do something then I have to follow many instructions and really I am feeling very scary when I am getting hurt by my elders. I am thinking if I can lie everywhere then I can save myself and I don’t need to complete my task as well. I don’t want to study, I want to play every time with my friends. If my parents are scolding on me, I am getting hurt and I am literally crying and beating to my mom’s stomach.
    I am really getting angry when somebody scolding on me for my nonsense’s. When I am coming from school I am not feeling hungry if I would get Roti and Vegetables but If I would be getting Maggi, Burger, Paneer or Chow-min. But it is not possible everyday that’s what I understand when I am reaching home every day.  
    When I am not having food in days’ time, I am really scared from fever and going to doctor, 2 times I got hospitalize for 4-5 days and Doctor Uncle told me to have vegetables. What can I do If I am not in love with vegetables. When I am eating even burger or pizza I keep vegetables separately and having only bread cheese.
    Now Its winter time, I love to eat onion paratha, aalo paratha and gobhi paratha. My mom is giving me every day paratha in my lunch for my school. I am eating very slowly that’s why I can’t eat my full tiffin in lunch and for this I am getting a big thrash from my parents daily. My father told me not to waste food, It’s from my hard earn money, but really what I can do, If I don’t like to eat food. 
    One day my father took gentlemen promise from me for not to waste food. I promised him, but how I will do this I was scared. Every day my mom would be giving vegetables and I was finishing somehow all vegetables. But one day when I opened my lunch box in school in long break, I don’t like capsicum but that was the day of capsicum and I can’t see even paratha in my tiffin because of capsicum vegetable. Everywhere I can see from my eyes only capsicum and green color everywhere. Even my mind was looking like green capsicum and my ears, face and mouth was also looking like capsicum. Wherever I was looking I can see only capsicums. I was really scared from this capsicum world. I took only 2 bites from the tiffin and throw it in dustbin. When I reached home my mom and dad was really surprised to see my empty lunch box. But I was feeling bad, I thought better I can tell truth to them and I can feel good. I told to my mom and dad what I did with the capsicum vegetable. I was really enjoying the moment after reveling the truth and got love from my mom and dad.
This is the same feeling I can see in Kinley’s advertisement.

I got rise above fear from Height and water

     Fear is not only a word for me this is the one of main thing which I was having since my early childhood. I was thinking how to win over fear, I was having many fear like go on height, I can’t go in water, I can’t go alone outside from my house even to take milk packet from near shop. I was fearing to take some money in pocket, I was putting money in bag, in which I was bringing things from market. I was thinking that somebody can kidnap me from market and I can’t go outside from my home.

    Every evening I was playing games with my friends in the basement of the buildings, there I can’t play power shot in cricket because it was a car parking area. I was having fear from car owners. Even I was having fear to go in a dark room. My main fear is to go on height and that’s one of the key reason not to participate in survival camps. Where they are making many things with height, like they have one rope from second floor and we need to come down by slipping with the support of wall. It was really a game by which I was having fear till inside.
    I went to the Manali where I got good adventurous activities like Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Rope Climb, Rope Bridge over river, net trapping, crawling etc. I was happily started Rope Bridge by which I was having fear, the trainer took me over the tree. It was around 20 ft. above the ground and they secured me with jacket and all the security measures, then they told me to walk on Rope bridge, I tightly holding the net by my hand and walking slowly, when I saw down, I was really enjoying and I was not getting fear from the Rope bridge. Once I completed the Rope Bridge then I have started Burma Bridge, Rope climb and Rope Bridge over river and I did it well. In the first time I did all activities. Now really I am enjoying the activities in which height is playing vital role.
    Now I can go to the roof of the house and I can see down, I don’t have fear to see down. Earlier I can’t go on roof and can’t see down from the roof, whenever I was seeing from the roof I was getting headache and can’t see continuous to down. Earlier I was having fear from many things but now I am a brave boy and took rise above fear. Now I love to go on roof and love to play in the games where height is playing major role.
    I got rise above fear, this is also slogan of Mountain Dew Cold Drink.  
The Dew film over Rise above Fear !

My grandpa’s teaspoon of paste

    When I understand the things as I grow up, I got to know my grandpa is having a teaspoon paste daily in morning and in night with milk. I was very curious to know what it is. Sometime I tried to get that teaspoon paste by myself by pushing chair or stool but every time someone came to me and gave me understanding that this paste is not for you, first you should learn how to chew. You cannot swallow this paste. It was a secret for me what is that paste, which my grandpa and my parents are having it daily basis twice but I can’t, some time I got the taste by my grandpa fingers. I found taste something different, taste was sweet and sour. My parents was also taking this paste mixing in milk, and drank whole glass of milk.
    When I started chew, I got the teeth’s in my mouth. I asked to my grandpa can I have this paste and I got it first time half teaspoon of paste and the taste was not that good like mango. I asked for milk and I drank it with that paste, then only I got to know why they are taking milk with this paste. Now I started to take half teaspoon paste with milk in morning but not in evening. As I got started yellow milk in night, after sometime I got to know this is turmeric milk and it increases immunity.
    Later I got to know this paste is called Chyawanprash, I was very curious to know the story about Chyawanprash. My Grandpa told me long time back in India maharishi Chyawan has invented the recipe of Chyawanprash it give power, it heals inner body and helps internal cell system to develop stronger. So I can fight against any illness as my immunity power in increasing.  Its and Ayurvedic recipe and we can also prepare it home, but I told why should we mess at our home when we are getting ready made from market.
    On 4th Nov. 2014 I completed my 10 Years, Now I am 10 Year old and now I am taking Chyawanprash twice as my grandpa is taking and having turmeric milk as well in night. I thought it was enough for my body but my perception was wrong. As we came to Gurgaon from Bangalore, the weather of Gurgaon was horrible, it was too hot. I was feeling like why we came to this place from Bangalore. As Bangalore weather is pleasant round the year. In hot weather I can’t have food in afternoon, I was weak and I got viral from my bench mate (who share my bench at school). I got viral for 14 days, my parents took me to the doctor and got all the medical examinations, but you know what doctor says – if you can’t have proper food intake then it will weak the immunity system, so take food properly and be healthy. Now my parents are happy as I recovered. Hence I can say “A healthy child makes a happy home”.
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Roman Numerals in MATHS and Rules

Roman Numbers to Hindu Arabic Number Table –

Roman Numbers
Hindu Arabic Numbers

 Rules of Roman numerals –

1. Repetition of roman numerals mean addition.
2. Only I,X,C,M can be repeated.
3. V,L,D can’t be repeated.
4. No symbol can be repeated more than three times.
5. Smaller numerals written to the left of larger numerals means subtraction.
6. “I” can be subtracted from “V” and “X” only. 

A Joke – Learning ABCD

There was a boy he went to the school. It was an English slot his mam told to tell abcd he told I don’t no then mam told to learn abcd and come tomorrow.
He asked his mother to tell abcd she told shut up, he noted,
Then he went to his father he was talking to his girl friend he told ajj nahi darling kal chalenga he noted,
Then he went to his big sister she was listening songs “aek baar theko hajar baar theko ye thekne ki chij hae, he noted again,
Then next time mam told him to say ABCD, he told shut up,
Mam told I take you to principal,
He told aaj nahi darling kal chalenga,
Then mam made him stand in the ground in the underwear he started singing “aek baar theko hajar baar theko ye thekne chij hay.”

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ?

Let’s see difference between a credit card and a debit card ?

Credit Card –

When you use credit card, you are actually borrowing the money from bank and you have to pay money back to bank. If you are late to pay money then you opt to pay fee called interest.
Debit Card –
Now when you use Debit Card, you are using your own money, When a transaction takes place, Money is taken out from your own bank account. As long you have enough money in your bank account, no pain for any payment.

8 Petal Flower Origami contest Aegon Religare

    There is a contest from Aegon Religare for Origami shapes. I have decided to be part in this contest as my dad got mail from Aegon Religare. I prepared 8 petal flower by red color paper. I got the idea from Origami-Instructions Website. I am requesting all of you please vote me to won in the contest. As many VOTE I will get, chances for winning will increase.

    Please VOTE on the entry by the name of my Dad’s Name – Vivek Rastogi on the following link.